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We're changing tack.

Rather than dealing with issues of 'who sent in what' and 'who has given permission to publish what', which has been causing problems of late, we're going to give YOU the information on how to post your inside info safely and anonymously. We will not be posting new anonymous information here.

1) Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This Lifehacker article explains what a VPN is, and how to set one up. This step is not essential, especially if you're only looking to post once, but is strongly recommended.

2) Start up It will open with a blank page set to Anonymous. It looks like this:


3) Type to your heart's content. You can also add images, if you put them up online somewhere like ImgBB. Do not include any identifying information (obviously), such as your position at the organisation (if you were an employee), or which city you live in.

4) Use's basic Markdown code to add bold, italics, links etc. Their formatting guide is here.

5) Add some hashtags to help people discover your content. We suggest #antiMLM as a basic one, to gather all these posts together. Others to consider are: #MLM, #antiMLMmovement #cult #pyramidscheme as well as the name of the MLM you're writing about (#Amway, #LuLaRoe, #Younique etc).

5) Click on the 'paper airplane' icon (top right of the page) to post your content. This will post it anonymously on's main feed.

6) Keep an eye on this main feed, and when you see someone post something on MLMs, help them out by posting the link elsewhere on social media.

Thank you for all those who have been supporting us. The resistance continues, with your help!

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Younique is trying to silence its former members from speaking out against how they're being mistreated. Senior distributors are sending cease & desist letters to ex-presenters who dare to speak out against bullying within the group, on social media.

[The letter has been removed, as it has come to light that the person the cease & desist letter was sent to did not give their permission for it to be published here.]

#antiMLM #MLM #Younique #ceaseanddesist #legalaction

I don’t even know where to start with this one.

It looks like this woman who used to be in a Northants refuge has been suckered into becoming an Usborne rep. Then, the refuge has held an auction to raise money to buy books from her to ‘support her bizniss’. I mean, you think she’d have at least donated them, given the circumstances. Or if they’d asked local people I’m sure they’d have had a million books donated.

I hope to god she hasn’t been allowed in there to recruit. It’s essentially a free advert for her books. How many other businesses who are providing paid-for services get free adverts from NDAS?


#antiMLM #MLM #UsborneBooks #pyramidscheme

Please note: All content on this blog has been provided to us by anonymous sources.

From an anonymous source, with thanks:

Had to share this !!!! The admin of a flipping Coronation Street fan page has started peddling his Herbalife now, shocking!!! To 76k members, and he knows he can, as he created the group! Terrible! You should repost this as it’s so manipulative and so many vulnerable people with learning difficulties in the group—I’m so mad!



#CoronationStree #Herbalife #antiMLM #MLM

Please note: All content on this blog has been provided to us by anonymous sources.

A 'trusted' small business using their page to peddle MLM.


#MLM #antiMLM #cult

Please note: All content on this blog has been provided to us by anonymous sources.

We think this guy got his target audience extraordinarily wrong ... time to name and shame!

Thanks to the Coalition for sending this one through!


PS. Proximity marketing is kind of evil.

#MLM #goronnow #antiMLM #cult

As used by many many MLMs ... this is SeneGence's version.


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